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Sinigang na Salmon Belly Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
1/2 kilogram Salmon Belly
10 pieces (Sitaw) Snake Beans Chopped finger sized
10 pieces (Kangkong) Water Spinach Separated stalks and leaves
5 pieces Okra
2 pieces (siling haba) Long Pepper
1 medium sized Radish Chopped however you like or circles
3 tablespoons (Patis) Fish Sauce
1.5 liters Water
1/4 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
2 medium sized Tomato Quartered
1 medium sized Onion Quartered
35 Grams Tamarind Powder

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Sinigang na Salmon Belly Recipe


      A sour and savory surprise!

      • 30 minutes
      • Serves 5
      • Medium




      Sinigang na salmon belly recipe is a classic Filipino dish that is both tangy and savory. The dish consists of salmon belly pieces cooked in a sour broth made with tamarind, tomatoes, onions, and other flavorful ingredients. Some incorporate other sour fruits and leaves like pink guava, its soup is really delicious and mouth-watering. Other types of seafood can also be used like bangus (milkfish) or shrimp.

      The salmon belly adds a rich and succulent texture to the dish, while the tangy and sour flavors of the broth are balanced by the sweetness of the vegetables. The combination of flavors creates a unique taste that is both refreshing and satisfying.

      How to Prepare Sinigang na Salmon Belly Recipe

      • Chop “Sitaw” / Snake Beans finger length.
      • Onions quartered
      • Tomatoes in half or quartered
      • Radish into circles
      • Separate “Kangkong” / water spinach leaves and stems.

      Sinigang na Salmon Belly Recipe

      Serving Sinigang na Salmon Belly

      Sinigang na salmon belly is typically served with steamed rice and garnished with fresh herbs like cilantro or scallions. The dish is perfect for any occasion and is especially comforting on a cold day.

      With its rich flavors and nutritious ingredients, sinigang na salmon belly is a perfect dish for anyone who loves seafood and is looking for a healthy and delicious meal. Try it out and enjoy the unique flavors of this classic Filipino recipe.



      Bring the water to boil then add in the Onion, Tomato, and Radish let it cook for 1 minute.


      Add in the Salmon Belly and let it cook for 2 minutes


      Add the Tamarind Powder, Long Pepper (Siling Haba), Okra, Snake Beans (Sitaw). Let it cook for 2 minutes.


      Add in the fish sauce.


      Add the water spinach (Kangkong). Stems first. Let it cook for 1 minute.


      Lastly, add in the Leaves of Water Spinach (Kangkong). Cover the pot then turn off the heat - leave it for 5 minutes.
      The residual heat will cook it.


      Ready to serve! Best with rice.


      I'm a self taught cook for my wife and daughter. Favorites are fried stuff and salads! I know it's two different sides of the coin haha.

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