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Tuna Fusilli Pasta in Oil

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Adjust Servings:
500 Grams Fusilli Pasta Cook based on manufacturers instruction
2 tins / 360 grams total Tuna in Oil
156 grams drained Canned Mushrooms
1 teaspoon Iodized Salt Or to taste depending on the variety of Tuna you are using
1/4 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper Or to taste

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Tuna Fusilli Pasta in Oil


      A Friday night fllavorful dish

      • 30 minutes
      • Serves 5
      • Easy




      Craving for pasta but didn’t want to do too much preparation? Here’s a simple something to savor up your Friday night! A Flavorful treat that serves 4 to 5 hungry humans.

      My wife loves pasta and pasta loves my wife to the point I feel like the third wheel. But hey, as long as I keep her satisfied. I’m okay with it! (every husband knows). One of the most requested dishes at home, due to the recent lock down that was happening. Where sometimes you find yourself stuck with a ton of canned goods on your cupboard.

      Well enough of stories, here’s how you prepare it in sequence.

      1. Cook 500 grams your pasta based on instructions. While cooking do the next steps.
      2. Cut two onions in half then slice it into thin strips. Thinner means more flavor.
      3. Chop 3 cloves of garlic into thin chip sizes.
      4. Drain the water from the canned mushroooms. You have a chois if you want to use whole button mushrooms or pieces and stems. We often prefer the latter.
      5. Open 2 canned tuna.
      6. Preheat your saucepan.



      Prep the pasta!

      Cook your pasta based on manufacturer instructions.


      Ready the ingredients.

      Prepare your ingredients based on directions above.


      Start cooking!

      Preheat the saucepan with oil, then add the chopped onions. After around 30 seconds add the Garlic then mix for roughly 30 seconds.


      Add your canned mushrooms mix and let it cook for about 2 mins.


      Add in two cans of Tuna then mix well. Season with Salt & Pepper. At this point you will have to taste, if the suggested amount of salt is still too bland for you or if you are using a different canned Tuna. Feel free to balance based on your preference.


      Serve up!

      Serve up your delicious meal. Some options to add in are are the following:
      - Black Olives
      - Parsley Chopped
      - Parmesan Cheese
      - Celery


      I'm a self taught cook for my wife and daughter. Favorites are fried stuff and salads! I know it's two different sides of the coin haha.

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